Company SBB Stefanie Batten Bland

Bienvenue | La MaMa 2017

Bienvenue, an interdisciplinary performance, will examine the willingness to welcome and share space with individuals immigrating to one’s own country and the change in landscape that occurs with diverse ethnic group inclusion. In a time of prevailing frontier identity, this piece is centered in reconciliation and will highlight that everyone arrived here from somewhere. Under vastly different circumstances but we are now ultimately native to the United States. Bienvenue is global as it is local, it will explore the paranoia of terror and competition, that is currently influencing our citizenry in neighborhood re-zoning efforts, gentrification, and boarder prevention. Bienvenue, has been commissioned by La MaMa Moves and will premiere there in May 2017.

50 minutes 5 dancers
Music: Paul Damian Hogan
Environment: Benjamin Heller