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Company SBB

"If the Matrix franchise had a dance company this would be it… "

Claudio LaRocco New York Times

Company Stefanie Batten Bland (Company SBB) is an interdisciplinary dance theatre company performing original works by artistic director and founder Stefanie Batten Bland. Based in New York since 2011, Company SBB was founded in France in 2008, where it quickly caught the attention of presenters, fellow artists and audiences with its award-winning futuristic environments, riveting performers and intellectually ambitious creations. The company was hailed by the New York Times for its “full bodied movement... if the Matrix franchise had a dance company this would be it.”

In its relatively short life, Company SBB and its artistic director, Stefanie Batten Bland, have been acknowledged with numerous awards. Selected as a 2016 Bessie Schonberg Fellow, the Company was given a two-week residency at The Yard in Martha’s Vineyard. In 2015, Batten Bland was named the Kevin Spacey Foundation’s Artist of Choice Awardee for the USA. 

Unguarded by abstraction and undeterred by convention, the emotional content of Company SBB's work is directly accessible; its powerful emotional, social and philosophical message is visceral.  Their site- specific dance installations combine movement, original visual art and music, and are designed to enhance the place and people within. The work inspires immediate actions that connect people to one another in a larger communal context. These futuristic environments prompt the viewers to act. Company SBB's dance installations can experienced in more ways than visually – they are touched, heard, experienced as well as viewed. 


Every now and then, a dance company comes along that has that certain “wow” factor...
— Richmond Times Dispatch
Batten-Bland has an inventive if quixotic choreographic mind.
— Sarasota Herald Tribune
Her movement is pure...
When it comes to tackling demanding subject matter, there are few choreographers as intellectually ambitious as Stefanie Batten Bland
— New York Resident Magazine
...subtle yet potent blend of bedraggled beauty and political consciousness...
— Star tribune