Company SBB Stefanie Batten Bland

Look Who's Coming To Dinner: Juilliard

Commission for Juilliard New Dances 2018
Dance Division Director Alicia Graf Mack


Look Who’s Coming to Dinner for the fourth-year Juilliard dancers (2018) was inspired by the 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, in which a white girl’s black fiancé meets her parents. This work pays tribute to those who paved the way toward acceptance in love and life. The piece is set to an original composition by Paul Damian Hogan.

Commission by Juilliard New Dances 2018
Stefanie Batten Bland - Choreography, Direction, Installation
Paul Damian Hogan - Music
Clifton Taylor - Lighting
Fritz Masten - Costumes