Company SBB Stefanie Batten Bland
SBB photo by Sally Cohn Bienvenue3.jpg

Bienvenue欢迎WelcomeBienvenidoأهلا بك

Bienvenue欢迎WelcomeBienvenidoأهلا بك, a collaboration between Stefanie Batten Bland, visual artist Benjamin Heller and composer Paul Damian Hogan, allows Batten Bland to voice her concerns as an artist and global citizen, and to consider what it means to truly embrace and share space with others.

Countering the present political climate in which walls have become synonymous with barriers that separate people and places, BienvenueWelcome… considers the graffiti decorated walls of cities as communal canvases that express the past and present of its neighborhood people. A mural comprised of paintings created by and with community members is an integral part of the hour-long dance-theatre creation. BienvenueWelcome… was commissioned by La MaMa Experimental Theatre New York City and received creative support from The Yard, Martha’s Vineyard.

50 minutes 5 dancers
Music: Paul Damian Hogan
Environment: Benjamin Heller