Company SBB Stefanie Batten Bland

A Place of Sun


Created under the Baryshnikov Arts Center and the Jerome Robbins NEW Fellow program. 2012

Premiered May 10th, 17-18th at the Baryshnikov Arts Center/Jerome Robbins Theater. SUN... was inspired by the BP oil spill of 2010, this piece looks at our power of adaptation. Collaborating with artist Benjamin Heller and set to Karol Szymanowski’s choral work “Stabat Mater” this fusion of the visual and physical arts enables a journey of destruction and discovery in a new habitat.

Running Time: 45 minutes
(can be arranged for versions of 10-20minutes)

Dancers: 6
Premiere: May 10, 17-18 2012
Choreography: Stefanie Batten Bland
Environment & Sculptures: Benjamin Heller
Music: Karol Szymanowski
Lighting Design: Lacee Godman
Costume Design: Stefanie Batten Bland

Photo Julieta Cervantes