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Terra Firma


Created under the Baryshnikov Arts Center and the Jerome Robbins NEW Fellow program. 2010-11

TERRA FIRMA examines migration, immigration—the search for solid ground. Collaborating with artist Andrew Lyght’s sail boat installation and set to John Adams “The Chairman Dances” this piece explore free movement versus bound to express the conflicts of uncertainty, precariousness, solitude, resilience, sacrifice and personal identity that one faces in transit. 

Running Time: 45 minutes
(can be arranged for versions of 10-20minutes)

Dancers: 6
Premiere: September 2010
Choreography: Stefanie Batten Bland
Environment & Installation: Andrew Lyght
Music: John Adams, Stefanie Batten Bland
Lighting Design: Lacee Godman
Costume Design: Stefanie Batten Bland