Company SBB Stefanie Batten Bland

Look Who's Coming To Dinner

Crossing The Line Festival October 3,4,5,6, 2019 at La MaMa Experimental Theatre NYC.


Coming Soon to Crossing The Line Festival October 3-6 2019

Stefanie Batten Bland is creating a new series of pieces which dive deep into core personal life thematics. With whom does society deem it appropriate to be intimate? To share our lives with? The first of this series began in the woods of Horton Bay, Michigan at Benjamin Cheney’s artist residency, Crojik’s Croft, and at Juilliard for New Dances 2018.

Here Look Who’s Coming To Dinner began its journey to life. Inspired by the 1967 Stanley Kramer film, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”, Look… is a dinner table scene within a Dance-Theatre aesthetic. The piece is for seven performers with original orchestration by Paul Damian Hogan and costumes by Emmy Award winning designer and visual artist Shane Ballard.  

…Dinner asks who would be considered shocking in 2019 if brought home? Who do we want to bring to our homes to break bread? Do the same biases still shock? Have they shifted? Been resolved? Do we still question whom we have the right to love?